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  • Sales & distribution
  • Supply chain
  • Exhibitions
  • Private label
  • Catering

Gemco prides itself in being committed to building your brands in a sophisticated and diverse marketplace. With expertise in FMCG marketing, appointing the optimal distributors, managing the supply chain and ensuring that your brand is placed on the right shelf in the right way is what we are all about.



Gemco provides ‘turnkey’ sales and marketing services that include:

  • Corporate brand products and private labels
  • Dedicated Brand Marketing Support
  • Regularly scheduled sales and marketing campaigns conducted to achieve maximum sales results for our customers
  • Constant monitoring of products movements and brand performance through field visit, retail audit data, brand trackers and sales analysis
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Designing, developing and implementing tailor made activities well suited for each brand and each market

Sales & distribution

  • Established distributor network
  • Compliance with dating, labeling and ingredients regulations
  • Channel management – targeted activities by A-class (hypermarkets), B-class (convenience and self-service stores), C&D class (Large and Small Groceries), Wholesale and Catering
  • Products sourcing
  • Sales & Merchadising support and training. Dedicated sales support within distributor organizations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent follow up and quarterly visits to most markets

Supply chain

  • Providing effective supply chain management
  • Container consolidation
  • Prompt shipments at competitive freight rates
  • On-time ordering process
  • Handling of all documentation requirements
  • Ensuring arrival of products at ultimate destination
  • Effective inventory management


  • Global Export participates directly or indirectly in several major Food Industry exhibitions such as FMI, ANUGA, GULF FOOD & SIAL regularly.
  • At ANUGA (Cologne, Germany) and GULFFOOD (Dubai, UAE), Global Export has a massive presence within the US pavilion with attractive product displays of the various brands we represent.
  • We also invite all our major suppliers and customers so thay can network, exchange ideas and discuss various business issues.

Private label

Global Export can also provide a range of quality private label products for your organization subject to annual minimum runs. This is especially ideal for those retailers or distributors who want to offer a range of products under their own brand name. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Gemco offers a wide variety of products that serve the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) markets. We can offer all kinds of catering sizes in a wide assortment of categories ranging from Mayonnaise to Grape Leaves to Wax Paper. Contact us to discuss your catering and institutional needs.